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Hi, I’m Milap.  It’s pronounced sort of like “tilapia” and is a verb meaning “to meet.”  Welcome to my portfolio.

I’m a scientist and programmer and own a web design firm in Maryland.  We’ve produced or provided technical consulting and SEO services to nearly 100 sites with clients ranging from Salon Nuuvo to the Rare Genomics Institute to the NYGOP as well as the websites of political candidates and commentators from both sides of the aisle.

Many corporate sites we’ve built include industrial chemical manufacturersdrilling and engineering firms, political lobbying firms, and venture-capital backed pharma startups.  Our strategic partners and network have raised financing or sold companies for a total of over $200MM since 2004.

I graduated from Harvard and Johns Hopkins, where I was on the executive board of my class.  In my biological engineering career, I’ve worked on a number of high-responsibility projects including the manufacture of Zika, Ebola, H1N1, and H7N9 vaccines as a contractor for BARDA, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority for the U.S. Government’s Office of Preparedness.  I’ve also worked for the first scientists to deliver the gene silencing technology RNAi through a bacterial vector, for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Chemistry Department, and several other laboratories and great scientists.

Need some tech advice?  I enjoy CSS3 animation for its simplicity, cross-browser compatibility, and responsive design elements.  I also code in Flash and XML.  My close friend develops in PERL and PHP.  CSS scripting allows one to create beautiful web animations that work nicely with both PHP and HTML5 and across browsers and across devices.  I enjoy programming for the same reason some people like to go fishing: it’s relaxing to create. 

Attention to detail, precision, and an awareness of systems engineering are hallmarks of science that I bring into my programming.  I’ve also done magic for about 15 years now.  Here are a few of my personal animations and links to magic videos and selected projects.